“Adoption is a bridge that connects longing with love.” @beautyadmisttheashes

Celebrating #WorldAdoptionDay (and a perfectly-timed vacation day) by taking in the first snowfall of the year and praying over our future little one.

The “long wait” for us is very apparent. We have no babies to snuggle in our arms and keep us distracted as we wait to complete each phase of the process. Our longing for a child has been a permanent resident in our hearts for what seems like years.

Days like today are a good reminder that the wait will be worth it–that God’s timing is perfect. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to be angry at the wait and the uncertainty, but to understand that all of this will one day be a distant memory when we’re finally together.

If you have time today, take a look at the #WorldAdoptionDay hashtag. See all the families who have been blessed through adoption. Read their stories, support their organizations, and pray for those you know that have been touched by adoption.

Our Adoption Update: Over two weeks ago we submitted our home study report and are currently waiting to hear if it’s been accepted. We were hoping that this would be the week that we would hear some news, but it’s looking like next week is more realistic.

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    • Dawn L
    • November 13, 2018

    Hi Bri!

    I hope you hear something this week about our Grandchild! 🙂 I will wait impatiently for the next update….


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