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Adopting in the era of social media

One of the things that we’ve discovered during this process is that social media can be a phenomenal tool to connect with other people and families and a great way to share our story. The goal of this blog has been to share our experiences for families who are or who will go through the […]


We made the news! Our CBS 58 news story

We made the news! Our CBS 58 news story Earlier this week we shared on Facebook and Instagram that our adoption story was going to be highlighted on CBS 58. Our story aired on the evening of January 29, 2019. We wanted to share the news article and video with you in case you missed […]


Why Korea?

Of all the questions we get about our adoption, this question is among the most frequently asked: why did you choose to adopt from Korea? As we’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog, adoption has always been something that we talked about, even before we were married. As an aside, adoption has been a big part […]