It’s a boy!

We are so excited to finally share that we have received and accepted a referral! A little under two weeks ago, we received the call that we had been waiting on for what felt like an eternity. We had been matched with a 7-month-old boy! Later that evening, we were finally able to see his picture and read his name for the first time. The feeling of seeing his face for the first time is indescribable. He is perfect. He is loved. He is our son.

We named him Brooks. We wish you could see just how perfect he is! However, for privacy reasons, we cannot share his picture or any other identifying information about him publicly at this time. 

Since receiving the call, we have been busy completing some additional paperwork. We immediately filled out and submitted the paperwork to confirm that we had accepted the referral. We then began compiling the dossier. As of this past Friday, the dossier is complete and has been shipped to our placing agency. While we expect that there will be some additional paperwork and perhaps an edit or two to the dossier, the heaviest lifting is now complete. 

It will still be a little while before we can meet him in person and bring him home (which is difficult), but even just knowing who he is and seeing his beautiful, smiling face have put us over the moon. 

We want to thank everybody for all of your support. The calls, texts, e-mails, and, especially, prayers have kept us going through the difficult waiting period. We are so incredibly grateful for all of the financial support that we have received from so many people. Asking for help was so far outside of our comfort zone, but every single donation has meant so much to us. We cannot wait to tell our son about all of the love and support that our family received while we were waiting to meet him. We have thanked and will continue to thank God for all of you. 

There are many more details that we will be sharing about the ongoing process to bring Brooks home in upcoming blog posts. For now, we just wanted to take a moment to share this amazing news with you, to thank you again for all of your help and support, and to praise God for this incredible blessing.



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    • August 12, 2019

    So many prayers answered with a big YES! Tears of joy for this July 30 special day!!! Every day is one day closer to holding your son, telling him of your love and of his Heavenly Father’s love.

      • Bri
      • August 13, 2019

      What a special day!! Your anniversary day! Haha! Thanks for letting your baby (Sarah) stop by the campsite, so I could have a special moment with Chris on the phone. 🙂 It will certainly be a day we’ll never forget.

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