Adoption shower + Brooks’ birthday

We have written about only a fraction of the many incredible ways that our family and friends have supported us throughout the adoption. The outpouring of love and support that we have received has been overwhelming. As if we didn’t already know this before, we are reminded time and again through this process that God has blessed us with the best friends and the most amazing family that we could ever ask for. 

Our friends went way above and way beyond to throw us an unforgettable adoption shower and 1st birthday party for Brooks. So many of our best friends were able to attend that it almost felt like a replay of our wedding reception. Our friends arranged to have people bring dishes to pass – including many delicious Korean recipes that were all a massive hit. 

All the yummy Korean food!

The party was held in a very nice building at a local park and beer garden. The room was beautifully decorated with Korean-themed decorations, and there was even a dessert table featuring a cake to celebrate Brooks’ dol. One of the highlights of the night came when the whole room sang happy birthday to our son. It was truly an incredible experience!

Our good friend, Lisa, made the cake!
Our extremely talented friend, Becca, made these adorable cookies!

We are so blessed beyond measure to have so many incredible people in our lives. We are consistently blown away by how much everybody continues to support us. We cannot wait to share all of these memories with our son. God is so good. 

Us with the lovely hosts–Dave and Sarah

We will end this post with a prayer that our good friend, Pastor Jason Free, wrote to encourage us in our journey toward Brooks: 

“Heavenly Father:

Tonight we come together to rejoice and offer thanks to you for a blessing that has brought joy to many hearts, tears to many eyes, and has led to an incredible strengthening of friendships and of family, a blessing that above all has been given to our two good friends, Chris and Bri Lambrecht. That blessing is, of course, their child, Brooks. 

Lord, this has been a long and, at times, difficult road for Chris and Bri; thank you for seeing them through it. We ask that you now guide them during these last steps that will lead to a joy unlike one they have ever known, a joy of a child, their child, Brooks, resting in their arms; living in their home. What a blessing! What a privilege! Bless their many years of parenting. Be also with Brooks whose birthday we celebrate today. Keep him healthy and strong. Lead him to look forward to the day he meets “mom”, the day he meets “dad”. Watch over him as you watch over all of  us, having adopted us into your family through the sending of your own Son, whose birth we will soon celebrate. We thank you for Him too, for it is through Him, through Jesus, that we all have life together as a family of believers; life with you in heaven for all eternity. 

So, Lord we rejoice today and we give thanks and we do it all in your name. To you be the honor and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.”

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