Adoption Milestone: EP Submission!

Last month, we FINALLY received the happy news that our request for an emigration permit for Brooks had been submitted on May 18, 2020. We announced the exciting news on social media and are finally now adding it to the blog site. Our dossier that we had sent to South Korea exactly 262 days prior finally moved from our agency in South Korea to the Ministry of Health and Welfare for review and approval. 

Now we wait…surprise, surprise…for our EP approval, so that we can then move on to receiving a court date (aka our first trip to Korea and our first visit with Brooks!). We do not have a great idea of when we will be traveling to South Korea to begin the adoption work and to bring Brooks home. Covid-19 has affected international adoption in ways that we may never fully understand and our process has certainly been a part of that. We are thankful that our process has never entirely stopped and that we are still inching towards the day that Brooks is in our arms.

Once we receive EP approval we are hoping and praying that the rest of our process moves very quickly. It seems that is the case for other families and we pray the momentum continues through the rest of 2020. Children need to be with their forever families!

We will share more in future blog posts about how Covid-19 may affect travel and the adoption process moving forward. There are a lot of unknowns and we’re hoping that in the days and weeks ahead we get answers for some of the questions we have.

We are hopeful that we will be sharing EP approval news in the near future.

International adoption timeline:

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